Introducing the new e-Screen STX series from Legamaster. The new line-up comes complete with a rich set of features and is designed to meet the demands of any surroundings - from a corporate collaborative workspace to a classroom.

Incredible image quality

The STX range offers high-quality, razor-sharp images in Full-HD and Ultra-HD. The built-in automatic brightness sensor guarantees maximum image quality (whatever the lighting conditions) and reduces energy consumption significantly. The premium anti-glare coated glass ensures perfect readability.

Smooth touch experience

The anti-glare coating also creates a smooth surface for hours of use in complete comfort. The advanced touch-screen technology uses infra-red sensors to detect touch points. Any pointing device (finger, stylus or any other pen-shaped object) can be used. Multi-touch: up to 10 simultaneous touches for multi-user requirements (Windows 7, 8, 8.1 and 10).

Captivating design

ith a slim laser-cut design and bezel widths down to 16 mm, this new line-up creates an unobtrusive, minimalist and professional look to suit any backdrop.

EasyFix mounting solutions

The unique EasyFix mounting solutions have been developed to enable quick, easy and flexible mounting of whiteboard side panels, the SP3700 Active Sound System and the control button for the electrical height-adjustable solutions. Thanks to the special EasyFix cable management system, cables can be secured and fastened quickly before being neatly routed on the back of the screen.

To use your STX e-Screen safely, ergonomically and with total ease, we recommend a Legamaster FLEX mounting solution. Choose between fixed-height and electrically height adjustable systems, each designed as wall-mounted, mobile or column-mounted solutions.

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