PentaClass AB

PentaClass AB




All-in-one 360° Omnidirectional audio system with built in Bluetooth.

No matter where you go – Your PentaClass is there too. Use the PentaClass as a portable speaker where installation is not feasible

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NB! Kauba tarneaeg on ca. 2 nädalat!

479,00 €

tax incl.

360° Omnidirectional Soundfield

Enjoy truly rich sounds whenever you are seated in the room.

Bluetooth connection

Stream your music from wherever you are in the room.

LED status indication

A specific color light will illuminate on the top panel.

Hi Fi Design - Wood box

Vocal sound clarity, a full range for multimedia and a rich bass for music.

Easy Installation

In a matter of minutes you can install the PentaClass using the supplied mount on a ceiling or wall.

PentaClass AB
Remote control

Remote control for the easy operation of your PentaClass.

Audio presets

Choose voice, multimedia and music EQ presets.

Auto power off

Automatic power-saving mode to save energy.

1300 sqft (120 sqm) coverage

Suitable for room sizes of up to 1300 ft2 ( 120 m2).


Upgrade from the PentaClass AB to the PentaClass ABM model



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